Help - Internal

Quick guide ...

  1. Find / Add the client
  2. Find / Add the project
  3. Find / Add the option default
  4. Add the concept slide(s)

Generally speaking you will never have to use 'add content' menu there are links from each of the parent items which will pre-populate the form.

  • The Name of the client or person we are sending the designs to
  • lists all client projects and has an add project link


  • A description of the project eg 'web site for BAC' or 'new home page 2012'
  • Lists all the concepts, List thumbs of all the sides
  • Has 'add options defualt' at the top
  • At the bottom has the list of option defaults and each has 'Add Concept silde'

Option Default 

  • This is where you can set some defaults for all slides in an option for a project, most of the time just set the width and the background colour.

Concept Slide   

  • This is where you add the slides.
  • This will try and set defaults for a few feild so you only need to add the Content image.
  • It can be easier if you use a more descriptive title.